Join The Club

The Copper Country Skating Academy has two membership levels; both require membership in the United States Figure Skating Association (USFS). Membership also requires commitment to volunteer hours to assist the club with annual events and administrative duties.

Creating Your Account

The club uses Entryeeze to manage the club. Watch our Youtube video on how to create your membership account on Entry Eeze, if you do not already have one. Please select the membership category based on the following guidelines.  New members would select the "New" member option and not the "Renewal" option for their first year. This option includes an introductory pricing. Existing members would choose the "Renewal" option.

CCSA Full Membership

Full membership is for a skater who registers the Copper Country Skating Academy as their home club with USFS. Payment of family dues for this category establishes the following:

Full voting privileges

Access to coaching staff

May purchase ice packages and per session punch cards

May participate on synchronized skating teams, in test sessions, special recitals, and the annual ice show

Are required to serve ten hours of volunteer time or pay a per hour fee for each hour not served

Receive gold test medal from CCSA, when earned

CCSA Associate Membership

Limited membership is for a skater who registers another skating club as their home club with USFS. Payment of family dues for this category establishes the following:

No voting privileges

Access to coaching staff

May purchase ice packages and per session punch cards

May participate on synchronized skating teams, special recitals, and the annual ice show

Pays an "Out-of-Club" fee, per test session, in addition to the standard test and partner fees

Are required to serve five hours of volunteer time or pay a per hour fee for each hour not served

Do not receive gold test medal from CCSA, when earned

Further details about membership, and other organization guidelines, may be found in the clubs constitution

Fee Schedule:

Examples of Volunteer Opportunities:

Equipment Resale:

CCSA members are encouraged to "go green" by reselling quality equipment that is looking for a new owner. The resale shop works on a consignment basis - bring your things, tag them with your name and a price and CCSA will take a commission (60% to you, 40% to CCSA) when the items are sold and send you a check for your share! - The Best Skating Outfits are the ones with memories attached!

Group Lessons - Copper Country Aspire

USFS Aspire Program

Fall 2023 Copper Country Aspire program

The Aspire group lessons program is an 8-week program of skating lessons, practice, and off-ice lessons. Skating lessons and practice are scheduled for Sunday from 3:00pm to 3:50pm, and Thursday from 7:00pm to 7:30pm and will begin September 24, 2023. Each ice session will have a group lesson and practice time for skaters. Off-ice lessons will be scheduled at a later time. 

Copper Country Aspire membership

A Copper Country Aspire membership is $10 per participant and is only available for skaters. The Aspire membership will include:

Details about the USFS Aspire program and its philosophy can be found on the USFS Aspire website

Private Lessons

Skaters contact a coach and make arrangements with them for private lessons.  

A good general guideline is that you should plan on a 1:3 ratio, which would be ONE 15 minute coaching session per ice session so that you have time to practice between lessons.

Learn to Skate

For beginning skaters who are just learning to skate, we recommend joining the Michigan Tech Learn to Skate program. The program has group instruction with skaters at similar levels and offers practice time to skaters and parents. Learn to Skate participants are eligible to be in the CCSA Annual Ice Show and Holiday Recital.  You can read more about Learn to Skate USA here 

Basic skills skaters earn badges when they have completed training milestones. Badges are offered at the Snowplow SAM level and Basic Skills Levels 1-8.

Joining CCSA

Skaters who are self-motivated or younger skaters who have reached Basic Skills Levels 4-8 are encouraged to join Copper Country Aspire of CCSA in addition to or instead of Learn to Skate. CCSA membership will allow skaters to purchase ice time to practice skills and may arrange for lessons with a private coach to focus on individual development.

Creating Your Account on Entry Eeze

Watch our video on how to create your membership account on Entry Eeze.

Every skater under the age of 18 must register and also have a parent or guardian join as a primary member. Log into EntryEeze to create a membership for your family and pay the annual dues.  If you are new to CCSA, an Introductory membership may be purchased at a reduced rate for the primary member for the first year.

How much does it cost to join CCSA

One year of full membership consists of the following components:

New members may join at the Introductory full membership rate of $60, which waives the $30 club membership and $100 volunteer fee.  Skaters who already have a primary club, may join CCSA as a limited member for $80, which includes a $50 volunteer fee (refundable after 5 hours of service).  

How many lessons

Lessons are individually arranged between coaches and skaters and lesson fees are paid directly to the coaches. It’s important to have enough lessons to give your skater guidance, but not so many lessons that they will not have enough time to practice skills independently.

Consider how long your skater will want to be on the ice and consider scheduling no more than one third of their time in lessons. For a typical 45-minute session, one 15-minute lesson is generally appropriate.  Higher level skaters requiring dance partnering may benefit from more lessons, but independent practice is very important.

How much ice time

Ice time is purchased as a session, which meets at the same time every week. Each session is generally 45-50 minutes long. Sessions are offered on Sundays (1-5pm) and on most weekday evenings (7-9pm). Skaters may also drop-in on sessions for a per-time fee or pre-purchase a punch card to allow dropping in on several sessions through the season. Skaters will often drop-in on a session when they are preparing for a test session or competition.

How many sessions to sign up for will vary depending on the age of your skater, their attention span, and their enthusiasm toward skating. When skaters first join CCSA after Learn to Skate, one or two sessions per week is a good introduction to the sport and club. If your skater’s goal is to improve their skating, 2-4 sessions per week are recommended for younger skaters, and 4-6 sessions per week for older skaters.

Some of our youngest skaters who are enthusiastic about the sport skate 6-10 sessions per week, while older skaters with additional commitments might only skate 2 sessions per week.

What does club membership entail

All members of the club (including parents!) may purchase ice time and participate in test sessions. Testing sessions allow skaters to earn levels of accomplishment in the sport, and can be necessary to participate in certain competitions or be eligible for solos in the Ice Show. Skaters enrolled in at least one ice session are eligible to participate in the Holiday Recital and Annual Ice Show. To keep costs low, all members are expected to either complete at least ten hours of volunteer time per season or pay a fee to the club.

How do I get involved

It’s easy and fun! Skaters and parents can play music in the music box, assist with competition and test sessions, or work on the Annual Ice Show. CCSA also has a board of directors, and there are multiple opportunities to become more involved in club management with a position on the board.

What to wear

CCSA skaters are a casual group. We don’t have a dress code, and younger skaters in particular usually wear whatever is comfortable for them. Jeans are not recommended for skating. Female skaters typically wear leggings, t-shirts, and fleeces, but can also be seen in skating skirts or dresses when preparing for competition or testing. Male skaters typically wear athletic pants, t-shirts, and fleeces. Skaters can find used skating apparel from other skaters or CCSA for their first competition or testing sessions. It’s important to dress in layers, as the rink may vary in temperature, and skaters can get warm while practicing. Helmets are not required, but are encouraged. Advanced skaters often wear pads to protect themselves from falls during jumping.

What kind of skates to buy

When buying skates for beginning skaters it is not always necessary to purchase new ones. Keep in mind that children grow out of their skates very quickly and do not abuse them very much. More often than not parents can find a pair of used children’s skates in excellent condition. The importance of a proper boot fitting shouldn’t be underestimated. Getting a pair of skates that fit well and provide good support are essential to an enjoyable and successful skating season. For this level, skates that come with the blade already attached are most common. At a skate store, these are commonly called “recreational skates” and will be suitable for beginning skaters. Plastic skates or soft skates are not recommended.

Skaters who play or are intending to play hockey can wear hockey skates. After they’ve reached a certain level, however, there will be some skills that cannot be achieved on hockey skates. Many hockey players find that their game is improved with stronger foundational skills obtained in figure skating lessons. [link to article about this]

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for skate shopping:

Follow these steps for trying on skates:

Ice Packages

Click here to download a PDF copy of the ice packages for this season

Full season and first half-season packages start on Sunday September 10, 2023.  Second half-season package start on Wednesday November 29, 2029 - Wednesday after Thanksgiving. Please check the CCSA Calendar for exact session schedule ( Changes to the schedule will be posted on the calendar and via the email list, so subscribing to both of those is recommended.

A.  Sunday Open General 1 - 60 min session starting at 1:00pm

B. Sunday Open General 2 - 60 min session starting at 2:00pm

F.  Wednesday Open General 1 - 40 min session starting at 7:00pm

G.  Wednesday Open General 2 - 40 min session starting at 7:40pm

H.  Thursday Open General 1 - 40 min session starting at 7:30pm

I.  Thursday Open General 2 - 40 min session starting at 8:10pm

Board Members

The CCSA Board is elected by the members of the CCSA at the annual Spring Meeting. The Board normally each month, and all board meetings are open to the public.

Annual Meeting

Awards and board member elections highlight this potluck dinner event. Skaters receive certificates for tests passed and an annual yearbook with information and pictures of all CCSA skaters.  All CCSA skaters and their families are welcome to come and are asked to bring a dish to pass. Drinks, paper/plastic servings plates and utensils are provided.

Volunteers are needed each year to coordinate the following activities for the annual meeting and banquet:

Nominations are accepted for annual awards and open board positions. 

The Balog family was active in the skating community and this award is given to a family whose members exemplify this activity within the skating community. Five Balog children skated. Pat Balog was very active with the CCSA while her children were skating, and continued to be active in Turkey Trot until she passed away in 2007. Recipients’ family name is added to the Balog Family Award plaque, which permanently is located in the trophy case area at the SDC.

This award is given to a member of the skating community who has shown outstanding service over the past year to the Copper Country Skating Academy. The Comfort Family has been a huge part of not only the skating community but especially to the Copper Country Skating Academy; our club would not be where it is today if not the the Comfort family.  The recipient of this award is announced and congratulated at the banquet. Their name is added to the Comfort Family Service Award plaque, which will be permanently located in the trophy case area at the SDC.

This award is for the person who consistently volunteers throughout the year, starting with our home competition, the holiday recital, test sessions and also our annual ice show. This award is voted on by all CCSA members. A certificate of recognition is awarded to the recipient.

This person reminds us why we love our skating community. This award is voted on by all CCSA members. A certificate of recognition is awarded to the recipient.

Cheryl DePuydt created the CCSA Sportsmanship Award in 1992, and at the Spring Banquet in 2005 she learned the award was renamed in her honor. She died September 2005 from cancer. She was instrumental in shaping the skating community for many years, creating the Michigan Tech Learn-to-Skate Program and founding the Copper Country Skating Academy.

Elections are held at this meeting and elections are held for open board positions.